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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Have Fun Challenging The Latest Warmie Hysteria

Warmie fanatic Bill McKibben, shown here with carbon-emitting wood he burns in his New England fireplace, wants everyone to rally against Global Warming on April 14 in a sort of global potluck of protests that he'll "cascade" on his Web site.
People will be rallying in many of America's most iconic places: on the levees in New Orleans [Oh, Katrina was caused by Global Warming? Not!] .... But we need hundreds of rallies outside churches, and in city parks, and in rural fields. It's not a huge task-assemble as many folks as possible, hoist a banner, take a picture. We'll link pictures of the protests together electronically via the web-before the day is out, we'll have a cascade of images to show both local and national media that Americans don't consider this a secondary issue. That instead they want serious action now.
To encourage the Warmie Masses, he wrote them:
The best science tells us we have ten years to fundamentally transform our economy and lead the world in the same direction or else, in the words of NASA's Jim Hansen, we will face a "totally different planet." We're calling for 80 percent carbon cuts by 2050, which would be a good first step to warding off that future. But the exact numbers are less important than the underlying message to Washington: get serious.
"Best science?" Says who? People like Heidi McCullen, Chief Warmie Hystericist at The Weather Channel, who wants any science but her science banned from professional existence?

"Ten years to fundamentally transform our economy ... or else?" As if the globe worked that quickly. As if our contribution to the atmosphere was that much. As if this guy were not a blathering idiot.

"80 percent carbon cuts by 2050?" In other words, Mr. McKibben would have us go back to the fun years before the industrial revolution. He can kiss his cascading images goodbye, because with 80% carbon cuts, there will be no Internet. No electricity, period. And that's just his first step!

Finally, McKibben gets kudos for saying the lie better than anyone else in the Warmie movement: "The exact numbers are less important than the message to Washington." And this from Mr. Best Science. Bookmark that quote and use it over and over again when confronting any form of eco-science. It's not the numbers, it's the message!

Here's an idea: Get a Hummer, gather a few friends, fire up some electrical appliances and a smokey BBQ, and hang a banner that says "Warmies are Nazis." Snap a photo and send it in.

Surely his little Kumbayah Kascade will assemble automatically and we'll get our political statement into his political statement -- because remember, it's the statement, not the science!

Let's do a little sabotage in the name of sanity!

Hat-tip: Jim
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