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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Biz As Usual At The UN

President Umar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir of Sudan has resisted all efforts to stop Sudan's Muslim bloodsuckers from killing and raping the innocents of Dafur, earning Idi Amin status. Now Al-Bashir's in line to be president of the African Union, which will have to be pivotal to any solution in Dafur.

We know from all Ban-ki Moon's verbal pitter-patter that Sudan is supposedly one of his big priorities. So what's Ban-ki Moon going to do about Al-Bashir's imminent rise to regional power?

From today's UN daily press briefing:
Question: Secondly, Sudan is a candidate for the Presidency of the AU, and some are suggesting that that should be opposed with the conflict going on. Is that something that the Secretary-General would take a position on?

: No. That is something the AU members will take a decision on.
That's it? Not, "The General Secretary will use all the power at his disposal to see that the members of the African Union understand that if they vote for Al-Bashir their happy days of UN cashcow suckling will be behind them."

Yeah, yeah, he's a diplomat so cashcow suckling might be a tad over the top -- but could we at least get a hint that Al-Bashir gets under Ban-ki's skin?

From the UN?

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