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Monday, January 22, 2007

'Split The Power' Voters Say Oops

Before the election, about 45 percent of the electorate felt a GOP White House and a Dem Congress could work together, and they voted that way. (It appears from the photo that Bush had his doubts.)

You heard the theory: "The GOP Congress is too complacent, too arrogant and too corrupted, so if the Dems take control, then it will shock Bush into working with Congress and everything will be better."

I know. I had trouble even typing it out because it just doesn't make any sense. And now the voters agree, according to an AP/AOL poll. Nearly two-thirds of those polled said there's no way Bush and Congress can work together.

Since all Bush has done with the new Congress thus far is pose for photo-ops with the new leadership, and since the lumbering Senate hasn't done much of anything yet, the blame for this massive swing in opinion can be laid at the feet of Shrieker Pelosi. (She's not a speaker, you know.)

Her 100-hour legislative grandstanding, accomplished by tying and gagging every GOP member of the House, was a PR disaster that would fool only Americans too stupid to find their polling place. Her committee chair appointment debacles, if the people followed them at all, painted her as ... let's see if I can find the words ... too complacent, too arrogant and too corrupted.

Of course, it's just a poll so it means nothing. But in this case, it's right. The people saw the Dem House in action and it wasn't just the GOP Reps NanPo gagged. It was most of America.

Keep up the good work, Madame Shrieker -- 2008 is just around the corner.

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