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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Illegals Fight Being Treated Like Illegals

I see these "dayworkers" all the time, hanging around a corner about midway between my house and my office, near a lumber yard and a masonry yard -- a prime pick up point for contractors who don't mind breaking the law to make a buck.

The City of Lake Forest, in a not-too-bold move, passed a new ordinance that doesn't make it illegal for illegals to hang out on sidewalks waiting for illegal unemployment, but does make it illegal for them to stand on the private property next to the sidewalks, the the property owners complain.

Whoop-ee-do. Not exactly the kind of tough law we need to solve the immigration mess -- but way too tough for these guys.

"We all have that right. We are just looking for work," the OC Register quoted Ruben saying. The Reg has a policy not to print the last name of illegals who fear the legal system. So you don't see a whole lot of Martinez, Sanchez or Perez going on in those column inches.

So they demonstrated for the rights they think they have to step on posted pieces of property legally owned by legal citizens, and two got arrested.

Next up ... want to bet we see the ACLU?

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