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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Hollybama Edition

Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen ... probably have started to question [Hillary's] electability, and see Obama as the candidate that best represents the collective wisdom of Hollywood. If I were Obama, I'd sue for defamation.
-- Capt. Ed

Yes, Hil, the mighty troika of Hollywood have made their first move, and it's not toward the wife of Bill "Mr. Hollywood" Clinton.

On Wednesday morning, hundreds of Hollywood's movers and shakers received an invitation that they may find hard to refuse.

They've been invited to come meet Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party's new superstar. He already has the buzz, but can he bring home the prize?

Movie moguls Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg want their Hollywood peers to join them at a Feb. 20 fundraiser the three are throwing for Obama. (Source)

Are Obama's positions on the issues coming to S, K and G in dreams? Were I a power-weilding Hollywood liberal, I certainly have not seen enough substance there to bother with a fundraiser. Could it be that in Hollywood substance doesn't matter much; it's all about image? Perish the thought!

So Obama gets the first big nod and Hil is left to feel like an aging starlet who's not getting the parts any more. It may seem trivial, but as Capt. Ed points out:

This presents a huge problem for Hillary. A large segment of the Left takes their lead from such Hollywood power brokers, and the early support for Obama gives the freshman Senator a significant boost in credibility. The Dreamworks trio do not waste their time flacking for also-rans, and this signals to the entire Democratic Party that Hollywood wants an alternative to Hillary.

Hillary's deliberate, intense focus on the presidency has been going on so long it has become like the third sequel: familiar, but not as exciting as the original, even if well scripted and well acted.

Now Obama can count Soros as firmly in his camp and Hollywood within his grasp. Hil can count on mod to lib women.

Think ahead to when it gets dirty: A black man attacking an established white woman. A white woman attacking an up and coming black man. All the while, both fight for the liberal crown because the Dem party misplaced its moderate crown some decades back.

Race, gender and a very narrow philosophic playing field are going to make the Dem race very ugly, and therein is an opportunity for the right GOP candidate to shine.

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