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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mr. Good Behavior

That face ... who could forget it even after 17 years in prison?

Manuel Noriega is scheduled for release from federal prison in September after serving 17 years of his 30-year sentence for being the lackey of Columbian drug lords.

He's being released early for good behavior.

He says he wants to go back to Panama to play with his grandkids ... and face up to a little of his bad behavior. Like decapitating dissident leader Hugo Spadafora in 1985 and offing of Maj. Moises Giroldi in 1989 after he led a failed coup atempt.

How is it that this world of ours keeps having to deal with this papade of evil men, these Noriegas, Amins, Pots, Ahmadinejads, Husseins and Mugabes? And how is it when there is this parade of evil, that so many American Leftists are so fixated on Bush hatred? Why have they no discernment?

Bad, bad behavior.

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