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Friday, January 26, 2007

Nobody's Asking You To, Geezers!

Nice sign, geezers, but nobody's asking you to fight in Iraq. Your war, if you are indeed combat vets, was Vietnam. You were not fighting a war against global jihad, so you have less to say about this war than whoever you're referring to with that "refused to fight" comment.

Bush didn't refuse to fight. He also didn't refuse to realize the nature of the enemy. He also didn't refuse to shave.

Be that as it may, tomorrow these geezers will join their old nemesis, aging hippies, along with various anarchists, Commie lawyers, brainwashed college students and a trashbin full of anti-Americans and urge Congress to have us lose the war in Iraq.

But it's these guys who bug me the most: People who fought a war in their time but won't support us fighting a war in our time.

I don't really care if they have nightmares or if they wish chicks had welcomed them home with open arms and legs instead of calling them baby-killers. They should go see a shrink to help them deal with their resentment against America.

We face a fierce enemy and the place we are doing the best job of killing them is Iraq. But the Dem "leadership" in Washington are going to put more creedence in these geezers than they will in Gen. Petreus.

Thank goodness President Bush knows his role in all this. Today he told GOP House members, "I am the decision-maker."

Photo: NYT
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