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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Pariah Edition

"It was terrible for him to say that. They had earthquakes - we helped. They had floods - we helped. They had disease - we helped. They were threatened - we left the safety of our homes to defend them. I didn't see any of them in New Orleans."
-- Duncan Hunter

It appears that John Kerry just can't go six months without irritating most of America -- most recently with his statement at Davos that the U.S. has become an international pariah nation.

It's really too bad he decided not to run in 2008. He is such a boon to the GOP -- especially when you consider what his staff told AP in response to Hunter's comment:

A spokesman for Kerry said Hunter is out of touch with Americans who desperately want their country to regain the respect of the world.
Is that what we desperately want? Not safety and security? Not just to be left alone? Not continuing to be the global good guys we are, always ready to lend a hand when we're called on?

No, John tells us. What we as Americans want is to be able to ensure that John Kerry and his ilk will receive a warm reception whenever they jet over to Europe to chummy up with the caviar and bidet set.

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