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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Buckets Of Bucks Behind Big Baghdad Blast

How much do you supposed a Mercedes truck costs in Iraq? This looks like a particularly nice one -- four door cab, lots of tread on the tires. It also looks like it's relatively new -- Mercedes adopted only fairly recently the "window dip" you see at the front of the side window.

Add a ton of explosives (enough to kill over 120 and wound more than 300 in this case), and the load of cooking oil, canned food and bags of flour used to hide the explosives -- and you've got a ticket price that excludes the average insurgent.

As Deep Throat famously said, "Follow the money," and this money may well lead to Saudi Arabian funders of al Qaeda, as suspicion for this attack falls on Sunni, not Shiite, bloodthirsty Islamofascist murderers:
Suspicion immediately fell on Sunni insurgents — al-Qaida in Iraq and allied groups in particular. The militant bombers are believed to have stepped up their campaign against Shiites in the final days before the joint U.S.-Iraqi crackdown in Baghdad. Many saw the operation as a last-chance effort to clamp off violence that has turned the capital into a sectarian battleground.

Suspected Sunni attackers have appeared emboldened in recent weeks after radical anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, under pressure from fellow Shiites who dominate the government, ordered the thousands of gunmen in his Mahdi Army militia to avoid American attacks in the coming assault. (AP)
OK, fine. Take to take it to the Sunnis. And follow the money, starting at this truck and leading to whichever Saudi prince it leads to.

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