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Friday, February 02, 2007

When Blacks Get Convicted Of Hate Crimes

This photo accompanied an LATimes story on a hate crime trial in Long Beach. The angry moms of the helpless black victims, right?

Nope. They're the angry moms of the convicted black perpetrators.

They're not happy that their offspring were tried and convicted, based on evidence, of beating three white women savagely on Halloween. Not one of the kids has admitted any part in the crime -- solidarity against the Man -- and some of the culprits allegedly even rammed the car of a witness to intimidate her.

No culpability. No remorse. Messing with the system. And their moms and many in the Long Beach/LA black community are standing by them, not by the three victims, who said they were trying to flee, and who all sustained serious injuries, including some which have required surgeries.
According to testimony in the seven-week trial, as many as 30 black youths took part in the assault on a street in the well-to-do Bixby Knolls area, which has long attracted crowds with its elaborate Halloween displays.

Witnesses said someone in the mob yelled a racial slur and one black youth smashed a woman in the face with a skateboard. Two other black youths are scheduled to go on trial later in connection with the beatings. (LA Times)
The slur, according to one of the victims, was "I hate ***** white people." That sort of seals it as a hate crime, doesn't it?

The boys' moms, who have held protests and prayer meetings, appear to have a double standard: White perpetrators should get the book thrown at them, but black perpetrators are really victims of white society's endless efforts to commit massive conspiracies against blacks.

Black victimhood is wearing thin as (1) being black is no longer a hinderance in America and (2) hip hop and gangsta rap show us a side of "the black cultural experience" that is definitely not victim-oriented.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will not tell these women and others like them to shut up out of respect for the betterment of the black community. And don't count on Barack Obama to be the one. As a mixed-race man, he is de facto not liked by racists in the black community, so he's not likely to risk votes to stand for something.

Sirius Patriot talk host Andrew Wilkow read parts of an LATimes opinion piece (can't find it on line) in which the LAT staffer worried that hate crime legislation could result in blacks, who historically have been the victims of hate crimes, being tried for hate crimes themselves. That seemed to be a bad idea to him.

Well, no, it's not. Just as I wrote yesterday about the need to subject violence-promoting Muslims in England to British Common Law, so is there a need to fairly apply hate crime laws in the US. Protection and special status will create more punks and more victims, not fewer.

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