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Friday, January 05, 2007

... As Long As I Have My Plastic Jesus ...

In case you've been sitting there hungering for your very own Jesus bobble-head doll, C-SM is happy to provide it to you:

Just wondering though ... my Jesus is much more inclined to nod yes than no.

Also avialable at the Archie McPhee Web site, the Semite with Might:

In case you're confused, McPhee explains:
He is the Rabbi who fights for what's right. With stern eyes, heavy brows and long silver beard, this rough-and-tumble Rabbi is ready to steal the championship title even if he has to punch a nun for it. Finger-activated arms under his cloth robe move independently for fist-fighting action, as his spring-action head bobs and weaves.
And for my many Hindu readers:

Yes! Now you can turn your fingers into Brahma, Ganesh, Garuda and Kali!

And that's just the religion section of the site -- there are 27 other categories, including (gulp!) "Our Weirdest Products."

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