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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Great Unifying Force In US Politics

Greg Craig is an Inside-the-Beltway lawyer. Worse, he's a Clintonian I-t-B lawyer. Worse yet, he's a Janet Reno lawyer, defender of Juan Miguel Gonzalez, father of Elian Gonzalez and Castro puppet.

So when he led off a WaPo (natch!) op/ed with harsh criticism of Bush's current fondness for bipartisanship, I nearly gagged on my New Year's resolution bowl of blueberries and yogurt.

Fortunately, I soldiered on.
Forgive the early criticism, Speaker Pelosi, but if you were serious about introducing and fostering a new atmosphere of bipartisanship in Washington, you might have waited a decent interval before shoving legislation down the throats of the minority party.
Whoa. That's bipartisan in an attack dog kind of way.

Presidential wannabes also got a dose:
Forgive the gratuitous commentary about presidential politics, but couldn't the candidates do away with exploratory committees and reinstate the old-fashioned announcement? ...

Forgive the cold water on an otherwise impressive event, candidate Edwards, but why couldn't you have simply announced your candidacy? Your announcement from New Orleans looked like a partisan gimmick, taking advantage of human misery to take a shot at the Republicans.
Craig makes it clear: Politics in 2007 is a great unifying force. It doesn't matter whether one is a Rebel With A Kos or a Red State Partisan, we can all find agreement in our dislike of politics as usual. All of us except the politicians, who seem to have no clue how disgusted we are with their pathetic posing.

Hat-tip: Real Clear Politics
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