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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Global Warming Evidence ... Not!

Just in case you hear that rising ocean levels in Louisianna are proof of global warming, remember you read this here first:

NEW ORLEANS — A new report by scientists studying Louisiana’s sinking coast says the land here is not just sinking, it’s sliding ever so slowly into the Gulf of Mexico. ...

Researchers have known for years that the swampy land under south Louisiana is sinking (pothole-riven streets and wobbly porches and floors caused by subsidence are visible evidence of that) but a lateral movement of the land into the Gulf enters largely unstudied terrain.

According to the report, which appeared in December’s Geophysical Research Letters, a peer-reviewed journal published by the American Geophysical Union, the bedrock under heavily populated southeast Louisiana is breaking away at a glacial speed — at the pace fingernails grow.

The southward movement, the study says, is triggered by deep underground faults slipping under the enormous weight of sediment dumped by the Mississippi River. (source)
Yup. Won't take much to turn this into more evidence of the coming big catastrophe.

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