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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Iraq Bomb Deaths Drop 84 Percent

That could be the headline today, if only the media were as biased pro-war as they are anti-war.

After all, only 13 Iraqis were killed yesterday in car bomb explosions, down 84 percent from the 80 that died one day earlier this week.

Oh, no you don't! they'll wail. You can't look at one day, one thing, out of context and pretend to be reporting the war accurately!

True. Couldn't be truer. So why do the media greet us daily with news reports on US troop deaths and Iraqi civilian deaths, but never, never, with comprehensive stories on insurgent deaths? Have you ever seen such an article? I sure haven't.

Yesterday, a rather sleepy Christopher Hitchens told Laura Ingraham that he corresponds by email regularly with "a very bright young Marine officer" who tells him that we are creaming the insurgents. Many, many of them die for ever one of our guys. Do you read that on AP or Reuters or hear it on the network news?

Didn't think so.

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