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Friday, January 05, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Warmie Paranoia Edition

"No cause for alarm. Enjoy it while you have it."
Mike Halpert, NOAA Climate Prediction Center

What have we come to? Balmy weather breaks out on the East Coast and through the Midwest and AP feels the responsibility to check with NOAA to see if it's OK to feel good about it!

Have we really gotten to the point that when we experience what used to be called in pre-PC days an "Indian Summer," that worries of impending global doom obliterate the desire to run outside short-sleeved in the middle of winter?

The article also quotes a NY City doorman saying "I'm not complaining. I can take this." I can take this? As in, "Even if it means WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!, I can take a little bit of warm as long as it doesn't last TOO long?" The doorman goes on to explain the situation, and AP quotes him like he's on a par with all the Warmie climate scientists:
"The Earth is recalibrating itself: Last year, we had a cold winter, and it's balancing itself out now. In January, it feels like the middle of April."
Come to think of it, he just might be on a par with Warmie climate scientists.

Of course the earth is not recalibrating itself. One part of it just has a hot spell. If I recall last week's news correctly, Colorado is having a bit of a wintery spell itself.

If they reported international affairs like they reported global warming, what a mess we'd be in.

Come to think of it ....

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