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Friday, July 21, 2006

Show The Bastard's Face!

Here's one of the (suspected) jihad pigs arrested in the July 11 train bombings in India.

Notice how he's holding the hood tightly around his neck, afraid that the public might see who he is. This is a brave jihad warrior? Why isn't he strutting his stuff for Allah?

Yeah, yeah ... suspects.

According to the PTI account in New India Press, the three are Kamal Ahmed Mohammed Vakil Ansari (32), Khalid Aziz Raunak Aziz Sheikh (24) and Mumtaz Ahmed Maqbool Ahmed Choudhary (38). Why do we even bother with the speculation, after an event like the train bombings, that the perps may be something other than Islamists?

The report continues:
ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) officials told the court that they had searched the house of Ansari and seized 1.5 kg of black coloured gunpowder from his premises. The officials also told the court that they had seized mobile phones from the accused. ...

Initial reports indicated that the trio had provided logistic support to the perpetrators of the blasts but ATS sources said their role in the serial blasts would be known after their interrogation.
I'll bet. They're probably still allowed to interrogate, rather than coddle, suspects in India.

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