Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Come Clean

In a brilliant piece of viral marketing, soap company Method ("People against dirty") have launched a Web site ( that lets you watch people confess their sins ... then have them washed clean.

You see a hand with a confession written on its palm. The hands pump some soap, wash a bit, then you see the palm washed free. While I'm typing, I've seen:
  • I super-glued someone's nostrils shut.
  • I made out with a girl just because she was Mexican and I love nachos.
  • I microwaved a bowl that was not microwave-safe.
  • I am going to sleep with my ex next weekend.
  • Swore twice today.
  • I threw a banana at a guy who cut me off.
  • I don't wash behind my ears.
  • I accused my co-worker of decorating her cube like trailer trash.
If you're carrying a guilt-load, log on and click the "I'd like to come clean" link. If you just want to be a sin-voyeur, click on the "I'd rather read other people's confessions" link and prepare to waste some serious time.

Just when I thought this was a spotless piece of marketing I saw, "I filled the Method soap container with generic soap." Sheesh.