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Monday, July 17, 2006

Beware Of Goring

My friend Neil forwarded me an excellent piece from June 30's Opinion Editorials by Marc Sheppard, entitled Gore's Grave New World. In it, the sorry politicizing by Gore of the global warming issue in exposed with shocking clarity.

Sheppard likens Gore to a priest of the Star Chamber, calling forward the heretics who question his science and condemning them to ridicule and a dearth of research funding. Much of his story revolves around the writings of Dr. Roger Revelle, whom Gore heaped praise on in his 1992 book "Earth in the Balance," crediting Revelle as the man who turned him on to the global warming issue.

Inconveniently for the director of An Inconvenient Truth, Revelle wrote a paper in 1991 in which he warned that there simply no justification for the growing hype about global warming. Three months later, he died. Rather than consider what the learned man wrote, the scientific community mounted a campaign against Revelle's paper, and Gore jumped on board.

Things got hot enough to lead to a lawsuit, which the anti-Revellians lost, forcing them to issue a recanting of their charges against those who wished to re-publish Revelle's paper. That's right; the "warmies" didn't even want the paper re-published. Let's hear it for scientific inquiry.

Sheppard wraps up with this quote from Isaac Asimov (whose fiction writings used to keep me up late, late at night as a boy):
"If a scientific heresy is ignored or denounced by the general public, there is a chance it may be right. If a scientific heresy is emotionally supported by the general public, it is almost certainly wrong."
Hmmm. The heritics who denouce global warming hysteria are denounced by the general public, and the heritics who promote sensationalist science in the name of global warming are emotionally supported by the non-scientific community.

Sheppard concludes:
What will become of us in the Orwellian world fashioned by Gore and his PC mercenaries when compromised scientists represent the majority? I shudder to thinkā€¦.
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