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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sharia Law Takes Hold In Somalia

Somalia's Islamic Courts Union, under the control of hardliner Sheikh Sharif Ahmed (right) is starting to impose its twisted Islamic paradise on the poor people of their country. Reports Agency Presse France:
Hardline Somali Islamic courts on Saturday punished 11 teenagers with 40 lashes each in public after they confessed to un-Islamic behaviour, including smoking marijuana, pretending to be Islamic militia, violence and looting.

The 11 visibly terrified youths were lined up on open ground in the town of Jowhar, about 90 kilometres (55 miles) northwest of the capital, and whipped under the supervision of Islamic courts officials, who have started to implement the Sharia laws. ...

On Friday, around 20 Islamic militiamen raided a wedding party in Mogadishu, flogged a woman and confiscated musical instruments as they enforced a ban on band music in public ceremonies. ...

Militiamen shot and killed two people in central Somalia early this week while quelling a protest against a ban on watching the World Cup at a local cinema, and have in the past been tasked with carrying out court rules.
And that's just the beginning. Religious freedom? You'd get 40 lashes just for suggesting that!
On Wednesday, a senior cleric announced that any Somali Muslim who failed to perform daily prayers would be killed in accordance with Koranic law.

The requirement for Muslims to observe the five-times daily ritual on penalty of death appears to confirm the hardline nature of the increasingly powerful Sharia courts in the capital.
And Lefties still don't understand why it is so important to keep the Islamists from gaining any toe-hold, anywhere.

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