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Friday, July 14, 2006

A "Post-Hamas" Era?

"I can hear the world cry now," says my friend Jim, "'... But, but, Hamas was ELECTED...' or some such drivel...." Yep. Better cover your ears:

Dozens of Fatah officials summoned to an emergency meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Tuesday night walked out of the Mukata presidential compound with the impression that their party was about to return to power.

The meeting was called in the wake of Israel's military strikes in the Gaza Strip and the massive crackdown on Hamas. Abbas, according to some of the participants, briefed them on the latest political and security developments and asked them to be prepared for the "next phase."

At the meeting, Abbas made it clear that Fatah would soon "resume its role as the defender of the Palestinian national interests" to fill the vacuum created by the Israeli crackdown on the Hamas government and its representatives. When Abbas talks about the "next phase," he is clearly referring to the post-Hamas era. He and his aides are certain that the time is ripe to overthrow the Hamas regime under the pretext that its presence in power is harmful to the Palestinians' national interests. (JPost)

Even at its zenith, the CIA never arrested eight members of a ruling political party, forcing the balance of the bums into hiding. But Israel did, rightfully, depose a terrorist government. And now, Abbas is preparing for the other shoe to fall.

It will not be an easy time for Fatah to take back power, if it does, but it is a time ripe for opportunity. Maybe, just maybe, Palestine will stop being the horse's ass of world governments and do something right for a change.

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