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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Glaciers Defy Global Warming Hacks

As you may recall, the debate over global warming has been declared officially over. The hot-heads making that call apparently missed quite a lot of evidence to the contrary, like this material gleaned from the site Ice Age Now,
Icebreakers can’t keep up - 5 Jul 06 - Icebreakers are having trouble getting through unusual ice build-up in McMurdo Sound.
See Ice Breakers Can't Keep Up

Ice and snow piling up over a large area of Antarctica - 19 May 2005 - Antarctic Icecap Growing Thicker

Fifty of New Zealand's glaciers are growing - 12 Jan 06
Two are advancing about three feet (one meter) a week.
Rare Icebergs Spotted off New Zealand - 6 Jan 05
See New Zealand Glaciers Growing

Greenland glaciers double their rate of advance - 3 Feb 06
The never-ending hyping of global warming is symptomatic of the "blinder revolution" being attempted by the Leftist/Gaean Alliance. First place the blinders on society, second create revolutionary change.

So far, it's working just fine for them.

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