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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Leftist Take On Tunnel Plot Arrests

Leftyblog Middle Earth Journal is not much impressed with the foiling of a plot to blow up New York's transit tunnels. It asks two questions: How big a risk was it? And why was news of it leaked now?

On the first point, MEJ majordomo Ron Beasely (that's him in the photo) dresses up news coverage detailing how the plot was busted early on, before there was "evidence that the plotters had taken any actions, such as buying explosives or sending money." He then relates this to "another Jose Padilla moment" and the "farsical" Miami bust.

So, to the Leftist view, a bust done early based on good intelligence and good police work isn't good enough. To impress MEJ and its ilk, tuxedoed agents have to foil the plot when the mandatory digital countdown clock is at 0:00:07.

MEJ balances it all out and comes to the conclusion that six nations worked together to bring down this plot because "the administration and Homeland Security need some positive news." As if a booming economy, a new government in Iraq, progress in the war, a growing united front against NoKo and all the rest weren't good news enough.

Most juvenile is the lead of the MEJ piece:
For starters lets say that this is how the so called "war on terror" should be fought, not by bombing innocent civilians in Iraq to gain control of oil.
Despite what he's reporting on, he still puts quotes around "war on terror," as if it were a fabrication, along with those other famous fabrications: the destruction and bombings of the World Trade Center, the U.S. embassies in Africa, the barracks in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, the London and Madrid train stations and the Bali bars. He still doesn't see that fighting terrorists in Iraq is better than allowing them to kill innocent civilians here, and in the process he dishonors our soldiers and their willingness to put themselves at greater risk in order to protect civilians. And he still thinks we're trying to gain control of oil.

All along I thought Hobbits were pretty bright, but it's obvious the IQ in Middle Earth verges on retarded.

hat-tip: memeorandum; photo: MEJ
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