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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Proof Of Iran In Lebanon

A Lefty posted a comment to one of my posts a couple days back challenging the assertion that Iranian soldiers are in Lebanon:
The U.S. has been saying the same thing about Iranian fighters in Iraq for at least three years now. Other than such blanket assertions the U.S. has never produced one, not one Iranian to prove the point.

So far, neither has Israel. Just because they say it's so, doesn't make it so. Remember, there was WMD in Iraq too.
Well, Sir, how about this:
JERUSALEM – The bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers who were killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon have been transported to Syria and flown to Tehran, senior Lebanese political sources told WorldNetDaily.

The information was confirmed by Israeli and Egyptian security officials. It follows scores of reports the past few days Iranian soldiers have been aiding Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon in their attacks against Israel, including help with the firing of rockets into Israeli population centers.

The Lebanese sources said between six and nine deceased Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers were brought in trucks last week into Syria for flight back to Iran. They said the bodies were transported along with the tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians fleeing the country into Syria. ...

The officials said the Iranian soldiers' duties include keeping custody of long-range missiles within Hezbollah's arsenal, including Zalzal rockets which are said to have a range of 125 miles, placing Tel Aviv within firing range.

Jordanian officials told WND they are "100 percent sure" Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit soldiers have fired rockets into Israel. They also said the Syrian army has provided Hezbollah with intelligence information on the locations of strategic Israeli targets to aid in Hezbollah rocket fire.

A Ba'ath party official operating out of the Golan Heights told WND he has information Iranian soldiers have been firing rockets into Israel.
The source for this is World Net Daily, which might trouble our Lefty friend. But look at the sources within: Lebanese, Egyptian, Jordanian and Israeli confirmation.

You'd have to believe Elvis is still alive and Bush is Hitler to not believe Iran is present in Lebanon.

hat-tip: memeorandum
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