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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Syria Supplying Hezbollah? Yeah, Right!

The response from the Left on the White House's decision to speed already-approved weapons deliveries to Israel was predictable:
  • The United States is now a legitimate military target in that war. That includes factories making the missiles or any parts or materials that go into them, refineries making aviation fuel, and trucks and railroads and ports and ships and planes being used to transport any of those things, not to mention any of the people involved in those activities. (left i on the news)

  • [T]he government takes your money through taxes -- it then gives some of your money and that of other taxpayers to other nations, such as Israel -- and then other nations like Israel use that money, i.e., your money and that of other taxpayers, to buy weapons from companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon. And then those weapons -- that were paid for in part with your money -- are used to kill, among others, innocent civilians in Lebanon. (Once Upon a Time)

  • God, this is a festival of stupid. By the time they finish, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Christian Maronite wing of Hezbollah. Because the Israelis are bombing the shit out of the entire country and Hezbollah are the only people fighting back. Think their stature isn't increasing by the day? (The News Blog)
Some on the right are attacking the NYT for running the story that launched this barrage. In this case, I think the story's legit. After all, conservative talk radio has been imploring its listeners to call Congress and urge that arms to Israel keep flowing.

What's not legit is the Left's criticism of us for providing arms to Israel. Do they really think Syria is providing the weapons? Syria, which ranks 150th in the world in Gross Domestic Product per capita -- behind such economic giants as Suriname and Albania?

Do they imagine a sophisticated weapons plant, maybe in the high tech center of Al Hasakah or over at Syria's Silicon (in the form of sandstorms) Valley, Dayr az Zawr (you know all the CalTech grads who have flooded those cities!), cranking out rockets and mysteriously marking them with Chinese and Russian markings?

No, of course the Left doesn't think that for a minute. But they can't admit that Russia and China are supplying weapons by the boatload to Iran and Syria, and that Iran and Syria are providing weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas.

We don't need proof of the deliveries, or proof of what the Left knew and when they knew it. All we need is history. They ignored the Communist totalitarian superstates' arming of the Viet Cong, of the Cubans, of the Nicarauguans, and other armies and terror groups that we have stood up against in the name of democracy.

They cannot bring themselves to ask the most obvious questions: What happens if we don't stand up for freedom? Who will protect us if not us?

hat-tip: memeorandum; photo: NYT
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