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Monday, July 24, 2006

Gore Neutral -- On Carbon

Al Gore told a crowd at the Chautauqua Institution today that he and Tipper have adopted a "carbon neutral lifestyle" because:
"We're embedded in a culture that makes it so easy to just go with the flow and support a pattern that's horribly destructive. And so we need to address this personally."
So now that he's carbon neutral, how did he and the Tipster get to upstate New York? Surely not in a car. Surely not in a plane. Surely he didn't stay at a hotel with air conditioning. Surely his suit was not made of synthetics, but of wool that came from sheep that were walked, not driven, to where they were sheared, and the wool was then processed by women at spinning wheels and loomed by hand by someone named "Butterfly."

Either that, or he's lying. Again.