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Monday, July 24, 2006

Saudi Support For Israel?

Arab Times is to Saudi Arabia what Pravda was to the USSR -- an authorized mouthpiece of the government. So when Arab Times opines against Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas and for Israel (albeit limitedly), it is worth noting.

Here's the wrap-up of the editorial, authored by editor in chief Ahmed Al-Jarallah :
Without mentioning Hezbollah by name Saudi Arabia blamed certain “elements” inside Lebanon for the violence with Israel and said “it is necessary to make a distinction between legitimate resistance and uncalculated adventures adopted by certain elements within Lebanon without the knowledge of legal Lebanese authorities.” While reiterating its support for Palestinian and Lebanese resistance against Israeli occupation, Saudi Arabia has clearly said it is against irresponsible adventures undertaken by certain elements in the region without consulting the legal authorities putting all Arab nations at risk. The Kingdom has also said “these elements must take responsibility for their irresponsible actions and they alone should end the crisis created by them.”

This angry response from Saudi Arabia has politically isolated Hezbollah and Hamas besides holding them responsible for their actions.

This attitude of Saudi Arabia, which has been doing all it can to protect the Arab world from Israeli aggression, is enough to unmask the adventurers, who have violated the rights of their own countries and tried put their people under the guardianship of foreign countries like Iran and Syria. A battle between supporters and opponents of these adventurers has begun, starting from Palestine to Tehran passing through Syria and Lebanon. This war was inevitable as the Lebanese government couldn’t bring Hezbollah within its authority and make it work for the interests of Lebanon. Similarly leader of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has been unable to rein in the Hamas Movement.

Unfortunately we must admit that in such a war the only way to get rid of “these irregular phenomena” is what Israel is doing. The operations of Israel in Gaza and Lebanon are in the interest of people of Arab countries and the international community.
So now the Arabs are letting Israel do their dirty work.

The real revelation will come when they do their own dirty work, purge jihad and jihadists from their religion, stop sectarian violence and embrace a reformed Islam.

Given that this editorial comes from the heart of Wahhabist Islam, I'm not holding my breath.

hat-tip: Jim
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