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Monday, July 24, 2006

FlashReport Boss Moves Up

Jon Fleischman, who's FlashReport is a great daily compilation of California political news, is leaving the employ of OC Sheriff Mike Carona so he can spend more time on his mini- new media empire, and start his own public affairs firm.

If I remember it correctly, Fleischman told a public relations lunch a while back that he makes $80K a year from FlashReport -- not bad, but in OC not exactly luxo.

Still, making $80K while in bed in the early a.m. -- as shown in this proof- of- pajamas photo which ran in the OCReg but is credited to Fleischman -- is not at all bad, especially if it lays the groundwork, as it did, for Fleischman's public affairs firm.

Let's hear it for the new media! Were it not for the Internet, Fleischman would be schlepping messages for the sheriff and we'd be out a great source for California political news. The challenge for Fleischman now will be to keep FlashReport honest as he manages campaigns and other public affairs work.

Hold it to a higher standard than Kos, OK, Jon?