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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Greenies Turn On Solar Power

I didn't share this with you in last night's post on green celebs, but guess what? Julia Roberts is putting solar power in her new house! Isn't that so sweet?

Fahgettaboutit. Here's the real skivvy on solar power and the environmental movement:
You might think environmentalists would be ecstatic at San Diego Gas & Electric's plans to give 650,000 San Diegans solar and geothermal power from Imperial County.

But that would be wrong. Enviros still say they love alternative energy ---- as long as it does not use power lines. While we wait for environmental scientists to invent a way to transmit power without power lines, other environmentalists are using the Endangered Species Act to delay the Sunrise Powerlink. [A new power line project]

They say it would be bad for, well, you can just fill in the blanks here with your own favorite and obscure plants and animals.

They must hope their efforts to stop Sunrise Powerlink will be more successful than the Endangered Species Act has been in saving endangered species. Because in the history of this great Republic, the Endangered Species Act stands out as the single most ineffective -- and expensive -- legislation ever created.
Greenies have attacked desalination plants because sea water inlets would hurt some ocean-going microbes. Imagine the vast California coast ... imagine a few small inlets ... imagine a better definition of "insignificant."

Greenies joust at windmills, trying to stop eco-friendly wind power because a bird occasionally flies into the blades. Tough. They occasionally fly into trucks and houses too; shall we ban those?

Now they're attacking solar power. Why? To protect plants along the power lines? Of course not. They're just using ESA to try to block the lines because power = people = bad. They want to force all America into Manhattan-style densities, so they and the critters can enjoy the great outdoors.

If you've had enough, ESA reform is the ticket. Unfortunately, the greenies have so manipulated the press and the Congress that it's an uphill battle. Nevertheless, do send a letter to Congress. You can do it in just a few seconds at

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