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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Iran's Diplomatic Troubles

As we've seen frequently in the U.S., career diplomats can be at odds with administration policy. Is this happening in Iran? Possibly:

TEHRAN, April 18 (UPI) -- As tensions mount between Iran and the international community over its nuclear activities, Tehran is planning a major shakeup of its diplomatic community.

The Iran Daily reported on April 16 that Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Mostafavi told reporters on the sidelines of the International Conference on Qods (Jerusalem) and Support for Palestinian Rights meeting in Tehran Saturday that 60 Iranian ambassadors will be changed by the end of the year after their tenures end.

That's 60 out of about 120 ambassadors. Mostafavi shucked and jived the issue away, saying this is about the normal pace for replacements. Could be; it's probably hard to keep them under your thumb once you're outside their reach.

But more likely, as Iran veers more and more into Islamo-looneyville, the Dips are dragging their feet, so they're due home for some friendly reminders about compliance.

Hard to string up the ambassador in the basement of a foreign mission for some needed re-education, eh?

hat-tip PowerLine News
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