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Monday, April 17, 2006

"Kebab Killer" Sears German Psyche

“There has never been a series of murders like this in Germany,” Wolfgang Geier told the Times of London. “The killer goes into a place, shoots and disappears without leaving a single trace — only the bullets.”

Geier is heading the investigation of a very un-PC German serial killer who kills only Turks and hence has been dubbed "the kebab killer." (Could you imagine if some hapless US police department had come up with a name like that?)

So far, nine have fallen, all to the same Czech-made CZ-83 pistol.

Is the killer a Turk exacting some gang-style revenge, or an anti-Muslim German acting out some culture warfare? No one seems to know.

The initial theory — that all were victims of a nationwide protection racket — does not seem solid. One of the dead Turks had been in Germany barely nine days and had no property in the country.

Police also doubt that the killer is a racist loner. The use of the same weapon suggests that he is sending a message to the Turkish community and is not acting at random. “He wants to say, ‘You are not safe’,” said Stephan Harbort, a Düsseldorf police officer who is one of Germany’s leading experts on serial murders.

Herr Geier said: “The killer’s message is that, ‘we will get you wherever you are — you can’t hide from us’.” That suggests a background in organised crime. Police believe that the killer must be operating with a support team.

So far the only description comes from witnesses who saw two men leaving a kebab shop in Nuremberg last summer after the owner was shot. The pair had parked bicycles next to an advertising billboard.

The dynamics of the Muslimification of Europe continues to play out in dramatic ways ....

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