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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

California At Work

This cracked me up:
Legislative leaders Tuesday said they have reached a key compromise over an infrastructure bond plan for California, with Republicans giving up their demand for surface water storage projects and Democrats relenting on their insistence that the package include money for urban parks and natural resource protections.
That Dems consider natural resource protection "infrastructure" gives new definition to the term "shameless." We have passed bond after bond after bond to convert private property to state property (i.e., "natural resource protections") and they were trying again by declaring what they want to protect from infrastructure to be infrastructure.

And the GOP! If there's one piece of infrastructure this state needs, it's surface water storage facilities, i.e., reservoirs. We continue to consider multi-billion dollar desalination as our Water Savior when a few canyons filled with H2Owill accomplish much more for so much less.

But the Dems don't like to displace bunnies and the CA GOP can't stand up to 'em, so forget that we're in a semi-arid, water-poor state ... just pass the bond so we can bring home the bacon!

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