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Monday, March 13, 2006

Your UN, Hard At Work

The UN Commission on the Status of Women wrapped up its 50th meeting today. Imagine that. They couldn't figure out the status of women in 48 meetings?

Anyway, they were hard at work, in their typical UN way.

They passed by a vote of 41-2-1 (UN and Canada opposing, Nicaragua curiously abstaining) a resolution calling on Israel "to facilitate the return of all refugees and displaced Palestinian women and children to their homes and properties."

Oh, fine. How about companion resolutions nicking Jordan, Syria and Egypt? How about one asking the Palestinians to stop blowing up Israeli women and children? Or for that matter, Palestinian mothers to stop offering up their sons as suicide bombers.

Undaunted, the Commission plodded on, asking that a special rapporteur (investigator) be named to report on "the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan."

Guess what? Conditions for women in Afghanistan are better, far better, today than they were under the Taliban. Send your special rapporteur where she can do some useful investigating, like Saudi Arabia or Sudan.

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