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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why Was Tom Fox Tortured?

Apparently, Christian Peacemaker Tom Fox was tortured prior to his death. Why? Certainly not because the thugs who captured him thought they could get any information out of him. Information about the operations of an virulently anti-American group wouldn't do them much good.

Here are five possible reasons:

1. He was the sole American. The Swords of (un)Righteousness Brigade might have wanted to show their utter distaste for Americans.

2. He was utterly obnoxious. One can easily imagine Fox going on about brotherhood and peace to a brotherhood that has "sword" in its title. After a while, a little beating about his head and shoulders would provide relief.

3. His captors wanted some fun. Despite the black and white world of CPT, where Americans are bad and "repressed people" are good, there are some bad, bad people in Islam and in Iraq -- just as anywhere else, only more so. One of the brotherhood just might have wanted to get some jollies.

4. The Brigade needed to send a message. A gunshot wound to the head, a gunshot wound to the chest -- that sends a message, all right. Give in or we'll kill. But signs of torture before death -- that makes it more urgent, signalling that delay means more suffering and anguish before they die. If this is true, too bad for the Peacemakers because their screams will not be heard, and will make no difference.

5. He died for Christ. Perhaps, hopefully, his captors tried to get him to renounce Christ and accept Islam, and he refused despite their torture. That would have showed his captors something, and it would have showed God something.

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