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Monday, March 13, 2006

Knock On Wood

Gateway Pundit notes that US fatalities are 'way down since the media declared the start of the Iraqi "civil war."

Dean's World asks the question, "By the way guys, how's that civil war coming? That gonna be happening any time soon? I'm getting tired of waiting."

I'm very wary of noting periods of lower US fatalities in Iraq, for two reasons. One, to the grieving, the loss is just as significant and painful. Two, wars have cycles, and there's no guarantee the drop will be permanent.

It seems like the better training and protection our troops have received is helping them deal with IEDs, and that the action is switching to car bombs and injuries to the civilian population. If true, that would mean that the Baathists are losing (losing the war? losing momentum? both?), and the al Qaeda in Iraq types are still going strong. If so, that's good news because it means more and more of Iraq is with us and our cause.

Just don't expect the media to report any of this.

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