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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

He's Outta There

Updated: Scroll down.

Abdul Rahman has departed Afghanistan, where Islamo-klansmen by the thousands are ready to behead him. Mohammed commanded, after all, to strike the neck of the non-believer.

No one's saying where he went. One thing for sure: It's not Mecca. Or Tehran. Or Islamabad. Or Djakarta. Or Khartoum. Or, sadly, Baghdad.

A question to ask: How would Rahman be accepted in the heavily Islamic neighborhoods of Detroit?

So, let CAIR explain to us how Islam is a religion of peace if it wants to kill all the Christians. Here's the lead paragraph now appearing on its Web site:
On Saturday, March 25, CAIR Government Affairs Director Corey Saylor and Department of Justice Community Relations Service Northwest Region Director Rosa Melendez presented a workshop, titled "Challenging Hate and Stereotypes in a Time of Crisis," at the University of Idaho. Saylor discussed rising levels of Islamophobia, basic Muslim beliefs and advocacy strategies for promoting mutual understanding.
There's a certain Son of God who said we shouldn't make a big deal about the mote in one guy's eye until we take care of the plank in our own. Islam needs to take care of the plank of "every- other- religion- ophobia" and its own stereotyping and hatred of all things not Islamic, then maybe we'll think they've got something believable to say.

By the way, the slogan at the top of the CAIR Web site is, "In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful." Where is the grace towards Rahman? Where is the mercy? Suggestion: Leave Mohammed; follow Jesus.

Update: Rahman's in Italy. Michelle Malkin reports several more Christians have been arrested in Afghanistan.

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