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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Joshua Bolten Through Different Eyes

With Andrew Card's resignation as presidential chief of staff and the announcement that long-time Bush cohort Joshua Bolten will step in, it's fun to contrast the response from the right and left.

Power Line:
Andrew Card resigned this morning as President Bush's Chief of Staff. It's inherently a thankless position; when is the last time a Chief of Staff was popular among a party's activists? The Chief of Staff often gets blamed when things go poorly, but, conversely, rarely receives credit when things go well. I doubt that the change will make any difference, except maybe cosmetically, but it may satisfy some of those who have been demanding "change" in the administration.
The President has tapped Joshua Bolten to be the new Chief of Staff .... (Bolten has worked with Bush since his time in Texas — nothing like looking to your circle of cronies first for someone. Wouldn’t want anyone who would irritate the President with pesky truthiness or anything…) ...

Wonder what Turdblossom thinks about being passed over by a budget wonk? Although realistically, it’s easier to be a nasty political operative in the shadows than in the bright glare of the sunshine, isn’t it? ...

Nice send-off for Andy, all you missed was the "don’t let the door hit you on the ass" snark.
As usual, cool analysis from the right and emotional, paranoid garbage from the left.

By the way, I think this is the full count of Bill Clinton's Chiefs of Staff: John Podesta, Erskine Bowles, Leon Panetta and Thomas McLarty. Andy Card served in the position since day one and Joshua Bolten will probably serve out the term. So there.

hat-tip: memeorandum
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