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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Are Norgs (news organizations) what newspapers will become? Is paper dead?

Buzzmachine has a blow-by-blow of yesterday's "un-conference" (no speakers, just participants) at the Annenburg School of Communications. He poses the question: Do we save journalism by killing the press?

A participant at the conference pointed out that television didn't kill radio -- but CDs killed albums, and MP3's are about to kill CDs. So, yes, it's feasible that newsprint and those giant newspaper printing presses will become a thing of the past.

The big question raised was not so much how to save newspapers or newsrooms, but how to save news reporting. Who will fund investigative journalism? Who will fund war correspondents?

The answer is obvious: Just look at Michael Yon. Someone with commitment, talent and a trustworthy way of reporting can survive as an independent -- in fact, they could do even better if it weren't for the lesser MSM creatures that get in their way.

Could a Michael Yon survive reporting on corruption in Bubba County TX government? Maybe not. But if he teams with the guy who covers the Bubba High School football team, that would be a small business that could report quicker and probably better than the Bubba Bugle.

Aggregators like Real Clear Politics would be blog-based like memeorandum and would continue to be a daily must-read.

It's not a scary scenario ... unless you're an old-school journalist.

hat-tip and additional links: memeorandum
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