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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hamas Wants Peace?

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas terrorist-in-chief, spoke to Israel yesterday:
We don't seek a whirlpool of blood in this region. We want rights and dignity for this [Palestinian] people, and to put an end to this decades-long complicated situation."
It's nice to know Hamas wants peace, huh? If there are any sailors our there, don't kiss the nurse quite yet.

It's not going to be peace with Haniyeh saying things like this: "[Hamas' election] was based on the principle of defending the legitimacy of resistance against the Israeli occupation." Or his renunciation of Israeli withdrawals, saying, "We will not hang on to the tails of the occupation."

Of course, Haniyeh did not greet the Israelis with news that Hamas is OK with Israel existing. Nor did he accept blame for thousands of Israelis killed by his terrorists. Rather, he sang the Palestinian national anthem:

"The problem is not with us."

Its like the Rawandan genocide wasn't the Hutu's problem. Those pesky Tutsis just continued thinking they had a right to exist.

hat-tip: Haaretz
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