Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, March 24, 2006

First, The Cool News From Russia ...

Oleg Shcherbinsky's conviction on charges related to a car accident that killed Governor of Altai Mikhail Yevdokimov has been tossed out of court.

Drivers throughout Russia had rallied to Shcherbinsky's cause in a major grassroots effort that caught the attention of the courts ... and legions of arrogant Russian leaders.

Shcherbinsky's crime: He was making a left turn off a highway when a Mercedes carrying Yevdokimov raced up from behind at a speed of 149 to 200 kilometers per hour (90 to 120 mph), or higher. The Mercedes tried to pass on the left -- remember, Shcherbinsky was turning left -- but it grazed Shcherbinsky's car and flew off the road. The governor, his driver and a bodyguard died.

For this, Shcherbinsky was sentenced to four years in a labor camp.

Russian drivers have had it up to their vodka bloodshot eyes with government officials who think they own the roads. Shcherbinsky wasn't the first to get sentenced in a crime like this ... maybe he'll be the last.