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Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Lodi Losers" Jurist Unconvinced

A juror expelled from the trial of Hamid (right) and Umer Hayat because she dated a cop 11 years ago told AP the prosecutors haven't made their case yet.
"They've shown that Hamid was interested in acting against America and those ideas and thoughts, but they haven't proven that he actually attended a camp, that he took weapons training and that he (intended) to come back here and do anything," said [Andrea] Clabaugh, who lives in the Sacramento suburb of Carmichael. "At this point in time, I do not think the government has proven its case."
That's one ex-juror's opinon, and she seems like a bit of a whack-job, since she's concerned that both the FBI interrogation and evidence gathered by star witness Naseem Khan were the result of "leading questions" about jihad. Andrea, my dear, the important thing is not the question, but the answer.

Good riddance, Babycakes. Hopefully the alternate who replaced you has more sense. That shouldn't be too hard.

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