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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dem Pleads Guilty; MSM Yawns

Lauren Weiner, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee staff member (you know, the committee chaired by Chuckie Schumer), has plead guilty to fraud for impersonating Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele and stealing his credit report for political use.

MSM public service announcement: Please remember that the "climate of corruption" is exclusively a GOP phenomenon.

The Captain summarizes the caper well:
The DSCC, in a statement released yesterday, said that it had acted in an "exemplary manner" in not using the stolen credit report. If the best we can get for "exemplary" is a promise not to use stolen personal information while continuing to employ the thieves that got it, then the Democrats will really have a tough time running on ethics in November. It took months for Weiner and her superior, Katie Barge to exit the DSCC, whether by resignation or termination. Nor did they disclose the theft to Michael Steele. That kind of reaction puts the DSCC at odds with the public orations of its chair, who co-authored the Schumer-Nelson ID Theft Prevention Bill, which criminalizes precisely the actions Weiner took -- and the DSCC covered up.
One more thing. A Nexis search on Lauren Weiner yielded seven hits. Seven. Care to venture the count for the day-after coverage of, say, Scooter Libby's day in court? And MSM wants us to believe they aren't biased.

Oh, and put "Scooter Libby" in Google images and you get 2,270 hits. Put in Lauren Weiner and get 262, most of which have nothing to do with the guilty Dem.

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