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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bush/Gore/Nader Alive In OC

We have a nasty state senate race here in OC for Hugh's friend John Campbell's old seat. RINO Republican Tom Harman is running against the impeccably conservative Diane Harkey. Harman's got money and name recognition and political connections ... and a lead with a couple weeks to go.

But Harkey has a golden opportunity to win. According to OCBlog, Elaine Booth, president of Women For: Orange County, a "progressive" group (i.e., clinging ruthlessly to the failed policies of the past) issued an email to her minions in which she categorized the Dem candidate as Nader, Harkey as Bush and Harman as Gore. What a gift!

(Booth later posted a comment saying that just because she said her crew should vote for Harman in the primary, it was not an endorsement. She must have learned a lot from What-Is-Is Clinton.)

Here's the link to the full post, and here's Booth's big conclusion:
I think we need to at least consider voting for Tom Harman in the primary. I definitely do not agree with all his positions, and that makes this decision a hard one. However, there is only one Democrat running, and he will be on the ballot for the general election in June regardless of how we vote in the primary. It keeps coming back to me that a vote for anyone but Harman is a vote for Harkey --- shades of Bush-Gore-Nader in 2000.
Harkey's crew is probably hard at work on a new mailer, with a nice Photoshopped illustration of Harman and Gore on the front cover.

We just might win this seat.

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