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Monday, March 27, 2006

Dems Pick Sides: It's Illegals

The Dems made it clear in the Senate today: 500,000 illegals in the street equals legality for them. You'd think illegals could vote or something.

And of course, there were enough election-timid GOP senators to make the majority needed to pass a watered down immigration bill out of committee. Lindsey Graham, Sam Brownback and Mike DeWine fled the Republican conviction that we are a nation of laws to the perceived electoral haven of "we are a nation of laws until a big crowd turns out."

I'm actually for some watering-down of the Kyl bill -- just not what the Senate did.

Compliance will more likely be achieved by pressure, not fiat. Gradually turning up the screws, making it harder and harder to live in America as an illegal will result in enough "voluntary deportation" to solve the problem.

The Dem's bill does the opposite. It makes it easier to be illegal in America, and as such is a huge step backwards, just as the House bill is too large a step forwards. Could we perhaps have some reason in Conference Committee? Sanctions on employers, limits/bans on benefits, huge increases in border enforcement, immediate deportation of criminal illegals, and (dream on, Laer) ending the provision that children born in America of illegal parents become legal. As long as that law stays in effect, there'll be a huge motivation to be illegal, and big, family-splitting problems will be an inherent part of enforcing our immigration laws.