Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, March 27, 2006

LAT Likes Rock-Throwers

The LATimes is singing the ACLU's tune today, giving big play to a tired, old, retreaded story about FBI investigation of domestic anti-war and environmental groups.

Here's the ACLU line:
"Any definition of terrorism that would include someone throwing a bottle or rock through a window during an antiwar demonstration is dangerously overbroad," ACLU staff attorney Ben Wizner said. "The FBI will have its hands full pursuing antiwar groups instead of truly dangerous organizations."
Interesting. Just a month ago the FBI brought charges against a bunch of bottle-throwers: Earth Liberation Front radicals who had burned down a ski lodge under construction in Vail. Is that overbroad, Wizner?

During the Vietnam war, my second cousin was killed when some bottle-throwers got carried away and blew up his lab at the University of Wisconsin. Is that overbroad, Wizner?

It is well documented that anti-WTO demonstrators move from state to state and country to country in well-organized, violent protests. Because they cross state lines, if you are going to pursue them, you need the FBI.

By giving this story so much play, the LATimes seems to be saying they don't need to be prosecuted. The 60s live on at One Times Square.