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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Global Warming Hysteria Heats Up

Global warming's on a PR roll ... Science, Nature, Time all predicting we'll be overheated and under water before you can even sing the first few bars of Greenhouse Gas Blues.

If you didn't know better, you might just believe those predictions of massive sea level rises in breathtakingly short periods of time might and buy property a mile or two inland. In its continuing commitment to public service, C-SM gives you some sound real estate investment advice, courtesy of World Climate Report, which sees the whole thing as lobbying:
As such, it is mostly recycled and repackaged information that the head of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Donald Kennedy, can take down from New York Avenue in DC to Capitol Hill, to scare politicians into doing what it wants, which is an immediate cap on U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide.

Never mind that even a 25% reduction will have an undetectable effect on the rate of global temperature rise in the foreseeable future, and that it will cost a lot.
Blame the overblown latest round of old news repackaged as new on a little CO2 lie. Crank up the CO2 in your greenhouse gas equation, and you get some quotable, if unbelievable results. One of the main CO2-blowers in this weeks round of "news" is J.T. Overpeck:

So, Overpeck et al.’s justification doesn’t really cut it. But it does produce a dramatic result, tripling the concentration of atmospheric CO2 concentration by 2100 and a quadrupling (!) it by 2130. With current trends, that would happen in year 2269. By then, energy-production technology probably will probably have turned over two or three times and this will never have become an issue.

Really, what all of this hub-bub boils down to is regurgitating old news with a becoming-all-to-familiar new twist—things are always going to be much worse than we ever imagined—a mathematical impossibility, by the way. But, who cares if it gets the policy that AAAS wants? That’s what New York Avenue lobbyists are for—to get politicians to do what they and their supporters desire.

False assumptions and overblown math all in the name of science ... well, in the name of more bucks for sale.

hat-tip: Greenie-Watch
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