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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Those Poor Innocent Sadrites

So, we're supposed to leave Iraq because some Iraqi government officials close to that punk renegade Moqtada al Sadr are lying about the incident and calling for our withdrawal? To listen to some on the left, it's a good idea. (here, here)

Of course, rational minds know there's tons of evidence that the Iraqi/US attack on a building in a Sadr compound was legit and the reports are false. I like this one in particular, from Omar at Iraq the Model:
“However, the best evidence that proves that members of Mehdi army were inside the building came from a prominent Sdarist parliamentarian and spokesman of the Sdar trend; Baha’ al-Aaraji told al-Hurra this evening that ‘worshippers from inside the besieged husseiniya talked to us in person on the phone and asked for help…’. So I wonder why would ‘innocent ordinary worshippers’ have the personal phone numbers of parliament members and Sadr office officials?”
Why is it such a surprise to the Left that bad guys like Sadr mix religion and war, religious buildings and war buildings? I think they're stuck in a Groundhog Day loop, only their day is Sept. 10, 2001.

hat-tip the real ugly american, memeorandum
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