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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kartoonistan Hurting War Support?

Sue Bob, whose Diary is one of my oft-visited blogs, comments on C-SM:
I now need actual evidence showing that it is more likely than not that these [Islamic] societies are capable of allowing freedom.

To me it is ridiculous to risk the lives of our sons and daughters on "nation-building" in the face of so much evidence that it will not work. It's like the government is experimenting on the Middle East while sacrificing our soldiers in the course of the experiment.
She explains matters further in a post with a title that reminds us that she applies a legal mind to her analysis, "The Burden Of Proof And “Nation Building”:
Before we risk our sons and daughters on some additional nation building (we need to finish what we started in Iraq), say in Iran or Syria, shouldn’t we require, at the very least, sufficient evidence to show that it is more likely than not that our efforts will succeed? In the absence of such evidence, if we need to make war on one of these countries, I’m for the Jacksonian approach to warfare.

Once wars begin, a significant element of American public opinion supports waging them at the highest possible level of intensity.

I think that such an approach will make us think really hard about invading Iran or Syria, as it does not take into account the idea that we are liberating the populace. After all, has it been proven that it is more likely than not that the Iranian populace wants us to liberate them?
To be honest to ourselves, we have to ask Sue Bob's question as we watch the infitada of the infantile that is rampaging across the Muslim world. And no, I don't mean infantile people (Hey! I'm being tolerant here!), but people who have an infantile view of freedom. They look at it, not really comprehending, then go on to other things.

We must give freedom-building in Islamic countries the kind of super-powered boost US military and diplomatic power can provide, because Kartoonistan is most definitely evidence that the Islamists (not Islam) are ready for war, and are egging the masses towards war.

Sue Bob's right: We need to focus it all in Iraq, no holds barred, give it all we've got, pour it on and see if the germ of freedom sprouts and thrives. If there are others yearning to be free, they will have to step up. If they don't, it's on to what promises to be a very dreary and bloody Plan B.