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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bummer: Sheehan Bows Out

"I think I'm more effective on the outside than on the inside."

That's Cindy Sheehan, announcing she won't run for DiFi's seat. What a profound disappointment.

There's only one person in California more whacked than Sheehan, and that's our junior senator, Barbie Boxer, who said of Cindy's decision (and unfortunately, I'm not kidding!):
"I very much respect Cindy Sheehans decision to continue her work as an advocate for our service men and women and our veterans."
Ask our service men and women if they view Cindy Sheehan as an advocate for their point of view. Barbie goes on:
"There can be no higher cause than a mother who has lost a son working night and day to ensure that others do not have to suffer the same way."
I can think of lots of higher causes, like a mother who has lost a son actually working for the America her son died for. Oh, sorry. I forgot. Sheehan is above reproach.