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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kartoonistan Is A Strategic Effort

Gateway Pundit has the details on how this man masterminded the global Kartoonistan campaign against the West.

He is Imam Ahmad Abu Laban, head of the Islamic Society of Denmark, who toured the Middle East to create awareness -- and outrage -- about the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammed. It was he who added and circulated three particularly defiling images of Muhammed that were never run in Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten.

Who is this guy? Well, Gateway says Laban:
  • Entertained the "Blind Sheikh" behind the first World Trade Center attacks
  • Praised Osama Bin Laden after 9-11 Attacks
  • Preached he "Shed no tears" after 9-11 Attacks
  • Accused of giving Political support to Osama bin Laden's network
  • Accused of giving Financial support to Osama bin Laden's network
  • Joined with 225 Islamic Radicals to form Global Jihadist Group in 2003
  • Said that Theo van Gogh - "Had it coming!"
  • Called on his flock to Give Their Lives to Global Jihad for Palestinians
  • Met with Sheikh Qaradawi in Saudi Arabia who has legalized the murder of American soldiers in Iraq
Got it? As I have been saying since Kartoonistan broke out, this is a deliberate campaign by radical Islam to whip up an anti-West frenzy throughout the Islamic world. It has little to do with the nature of the cartoons and everything to do with the nature of radical Islam.

Do we owe a measured, courteous response in a case like this? Debate as you will, but know that for Laban, it doesn't matter. His deed is done, and if we're courteous, he'll call us wimps; if we're angry, he'll call us intolerant.

hat-tip: Big News