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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Dis Black Racists

Lordy! Have the leftyblogs ever lit up over Conservative criticism of the racist rants of victimhood that were so offensive at yesterday's funeral of Coretta Scott King.

The King siblings are free to use their mom's funeral as they please -- and perhaps they are very pleased with the results, perhaps not -- but that doesn't place a mantle of protection from criticism over those who used the funeral to tear the races apart. Rev. King and his wife worked to bring the races together.

Nevertheless, here's a smattering of what the Left's saying:
Hullabaloo: I personally find it absolutely outrageous, OUTRAGEOUS! that Republicans are attacking Coretta Scott King and her family this way. Why, she is an American icon! How dare they! Do they really think that African Americans don't know how to behave at a funeral for one of their own? How very white of them.
Classic leftist rewriting of history. No one has uttered the least bit of criticism of the Kings; only those who would exploit the Kings to further racial hatred.
Jane Hamsher: It’s nice to know that whenever MSNBC needs something said that is so ugly, so fulminatingly rancid and dog-whistle racist that even Bill Bennett will not show up and do the honors that a vile, bilious hatchet-faced nag like Kate O’Beirne is always at the ready.
Did I miss Bennett's racist statement? Did I miss the memo saying it's now OK to criticize women because of their looks? Or does that apply to conservative non-lookers only?
Left Coaster: This is what happens when you step outside of your bubble and away from the carefully screened Stepford crowds, in front of an audience of people who:
  • Saw your level of concern for African Americans less than six months ago in New Orleans;
  • Saw your commitment to civil and voting rights by disenfranchising them in both of your “victories”;
  • See what lengths your Department of Justice will go to undo the Voting Rights Act in red states
Old, old, old. Race-ifying Katrina denegrates the thousands of white victims. How many commissions and media panels have to find no voting violations before the left will drop their race-baiting charges of unfair elections. Call me when the Voting Rights Act is undone. (Jeez!)

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